New Cemetery in Leverstock Green

Some time ago LGVA was informed that a new cemetery was required in Dacorum as the existing one at Woodwells has reach capacity.  We were told that it would be sited in Leverstock Green, adjacent to the entrance to Bunkers Park.

Provisional plans have been published and work has commenced on Phase 1 which will occupy part of the field to the left of the Bunkers Park access road.  It will take up approximately half of this field on the green area of the map below. Discussion has taken place on the feasibility of including a crematorium which will occupy the yellow area.  This has been approved in principle but, as of June 2019, no plans have been submitted.

LGVA does not intend to object to this plan but we will be looking for agreeable landscaping, screening and a metalled access road extending all the way into the Bunkers Park car park.

The future of the field to the right of the access road is uncertain but for the immediate future it will remain as open land, forming a barrier between housing and the cemetery.  Plans for the tennis club to occupy this field have been dropped and, if developed at all, it will be for undetermined leisure use.


The following link is to the DBC Planning Portal.  Click on 'Search Planning Applications' then enter ‘Cemetery’. There are several entries relating to this development.