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East Hemel Plans - Important Update

Following a ruling by the Planning Inspector that St Albans District Council (SADC) had failed to fully co-operate with neighbouring authorities (including Dacorum), SADC appealed and sought a Judicial Review.

In a Judgement at the High Court dated 13 July 2017 the Judge found against St Albans. This effectively means that their Strategic Local Plan cannot go forward.

We await the next move by the Council and/or the Crown Estate.

LGVA – Change of Status to CIO

At a Special General Meeting of members held on 13th March 2017 it was unanimously agreed that Leverstock Green Village Association should convert to become a Charitable Incorporated Association (CIO).

Accordingly, an application to the Charity Commission to establish a new CIO charity was approved on 27th April 2017 and recorded on the Charities Register with the Charity Number 1172784.

At a subsequent Special General Meeting of members held on 10th July 2017 it was formally agreed to adopt the new CIO Constitution (shown elsewhere on this website), that all persons aged 18 years and over who live or work in Leverstock Green should automatically become members of the new CIO, and that all assets, contracts, liabilities, and obligations should be transferred from the unincorporated Association to the new CIO by the end of the financial year on 31st August 2017, following which the old Association would be formally closed and de-registered as a charity.

Leverstock Green Playgroup

Leverstock Green Playgroup asks that if you shop at Tesco, please put your 'Blue' disc in the Playgroup slot as they are hoping to secure a grant for their Role Play and Outside Canopy project.

Please ask friends and family to support them too.

East Hemel Development